Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Good Realization after Movie marathon :) Posted at 6:35 PM 2 comments (+)

oh yess! since  i was bored about my daily routine. and my life here in office. so!? i felt that i was paid off to do some lazy stuff here. hahaha ~GO FOR MOVIE MARATHON ^^ my unproductive dayssss

im so inlove about animated movies. feeling that i can be a child even once more and for a moment while watching it. giggling and smirking every single funny scene and feeling excited every journey and adventures of a main characters. And can't wait my self to be excited anticipating the overwhelming ending , is the best part of a movie for me.

~ Monster University is Prequel of Monster Inc. but i wasn't able to watch it before =_= and  i want to watch it. and i hear from a friend, that it  was a good movie also. anyway the main characters here is mike ( and i thought that is Michael haha -a green  monster with one eye) , J. Sullivan (a blue monster with purple pattern dots) , and Dean Hardscrabble ( a flying monster ~ half dragon and centipede - sorry i'm confused ahaha) Hayy!

 - the story line  is about  their dreams , friendship, and proving themselves, that no matter how hard to achieved their goals. there's always a away to proved it. keeping the fire between your will and your determination is something you can be proud of. a journey of friendship that we/you can build along the way. proof  that we can never be alone. believing to yourself 

 I really like Mike. he's very cute and adorable~ Seriously i never be afraid of him =) and i want him as my pet hahaha cute cute~

HUNTER X HUNTER movie -its a TV anime series and now a movie version. since then i'm a fan of this anime. i think that was in a grade school ^^) a cool animated portraits and their powers. but its story in TV is never been done :(  they been hanging all episode and cut it on air all over again without ending it. unless you watch it online . >_< as fan i was pissed off waiting those episodes on TV. and then suddenly ending it and replaced by other anime series and all of a sudden turn it back on a TV again after a while. im just like this O_O yung totoo? from the top ulit? paulit ulit na lang >_< ~hahaha affected lang favorite ko kasi yannn .

anyway, this movie version is lame story for me. hahaha but i can say that i also enjoy it after watching the whole movie. well!a story of friendship that will never be compromised by time, miles , own fears and place.

i Admired Gon - for his value about friendship. he can put himself to a situation that might be dangerous for his own sake than seeing his friends on the same thing. a selfless guy and full of values. kilua is a fearless killer is now believing for friendship. perception about trust and friendship become more shaded of doubts because of his brother.persuading and killing him with fears that he would not escape. believing that making friends will betray him.until he realized that because of it, he's the one escaping and running away for a certain situation that he knows  that he can't even win and start betraying his own friend because of this fear. now realization that once you invest trust to someone, eventually you will earn it also. Kurapika and leorio - picture of a strong friendship. willingness to give their all just to protect anyone of them. being weak or powerful, there's no sign of doubtfulness for them.

~ friendship that you can treasure for the rest of our/your life. relationship next to you/our  family, that's why most of us included my self, this kind of relationship is something close to my heart. i dunno? but there's something feelings being with them.and that the way you are and what exactly you think. is the thing you never shame of to share with them. :)

Epic - a transported mortal to a world of fantasy deep within forest life. adventure of  mary kathrine., and how she fights about life of the forest from the evil forces.and something she realized about her love for her father after a quite  sometimes.

"Pang Bata" but still i enjoyed watching it. that was so cool. still dreaming to be transported like her and have some adventures for something not unusual :) hahaha fighting for good forces and try to be win against evil forces. ohhhh that my imagination! haha. ang sarap maging bata. living in fantansy world is maybe a escape for this stressful life. 

yess! the croods - one family cave man. and one of my favorite animated movie.hehe super cute family. they're all afraid about something new but not eap, she is a very brave woman, she's not afraid to run after the sun. and aiming to touch it once.until she meet guy.

ayeee. this is my favorite movie. cute graphics and " lahat ng joke benta talaga para sa akin" ~ ung mga animal super cute hahaha mga sinaunang animal species. haha.

~ a Family man, whose over protective about his family. living inside the cave is the only thing they know to survive. not believing that there'a a life behind those rocks. but one day! something happened.realizing that something new is not a thing that they can be afraid of. chasing for sun and aiming for tomorrow is something that they need to look forward too. and  their family is now bind with love and full of hope after that evolution, and there's always tomorrow with full of new things, that they need to face it as family.

*someting new? ako kaya? :)
i'm ready enough to face this something new. scared in some point. but i know that everything will be fine soon, and i'm here also chasing for sun and aiming for that tomorrow. aja! :) -that's very inspiring movie. nakakagoodvibes

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