Wednesday, August 14, 2013
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lately I've been very happy and inspired because of  some reason around me.. family,friends,crush and God :) so i set a side those negative thought on my head and makes my heart feels the right vibe. reaching god through  his word and my faith makes me feel secured. in spite of those sadness, disappointment and frustration in life. yeah! i know i've been depressed and feelin' empty through the years and learning to accept and let things fall into place is really hard for me. but now , i know there some point in mind that i can now managed. well it just happened that life would never be easy as much as we want. but dealing to this is the best way to live for it. :)

seeing someone reaching her/his goals is really inspiring. dreaming like them is my way reaching my own goals. don't stop believing and praying. maybe their time now and i believed my own time will come in the right perfect god's will

 hoping for best of luck for abby. she's one of my precious friend. my best buddy and shoulder to lean on when the time i need companion. she's maybe loud and straight to the point but i love her the way she prove her self. Goodluck abby and god always there to guide us.

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