Sunday, July 14, 2013
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i'm so devastated about my sister. she's been out of her mind. i dunno how to handle it.
~bilang kuya nahihirapan ako sa mga bagay bagay na ginagawa nya :( 

a feud within this family gives me a heartbreak and continuing thinking about like falling from above and no one else whose willing to catch me.

i'm tired about everything i had my own issues about life and then issues about family? this is really unfair. nakakapagod, nakakabobo, nakakahiya, at nakakalungkot. i'm always feel down, but sometimes i'm trying to believed myself that i'm okay even though i'm still hurting inside. nakakainis! 
as much i want to feel happy pero mahirap.. iniiwan, nasasaktan at paulit ulit.

giving a chance to running out of this life, i mean this situation.. i would! but for sure, after escaping this life and waking up from dreammm. i need to face it again the reality. bad thing about escaping..
hay, i dont know where i need to put my self.

mukha man ako masaya, ang di lang alam ng iba may pinagdadaanan din ako..
 i dont know if it need to share this. but i need an outlet to express what i feel. nakakabaliw kasi ee.

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