Saturday, July 13, 2013
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be aware for this post! emotions overload :)

its been a months, some of my closest friends in office are leaving and now ace also need to leave for better career path.

i'm happy for her of course, that is for her growth and for better future, but honestly there's a thin line between happiness and sadness~ shuxxx *_* idunno it because we've been good friends for all these years. like good partners when it comes in work and sharing those funny things about our self. simple conversation that we end up laughing. seriously this is really clingy on my part and awkward as well.  this is what i miss for sure. green jokes and those funny icons 0_0 and being my BIG sistah :) haha

~a friend who treated me like her own brother. (hahah wala ee. pogi ehh).and  teasing me like a high school bully. (agreeeee^^) i surely missed her and those phone calls and follow up about work related question. and of course " yung simpleng kwentuhan pero alam mong may laman at minsan seryoso na pala" yung mga bagay na gusto kong marinig at advice na manggagaling sa isang tunay na kaibigan. masakit marinig sa iba pero pag sa real friend matatanggap mo ng bukal sa puso. :) *brutally honesty.
nakakamiss yooooon for sure. :( 

~thank youuuu ace. for believing me na POGI ako hahahaha and for the friendship, and for the unconditional love snowhite . cheers! and goodluccccckkk friend. :D alam ko naman na lahat tayo kailangan mag step forward ee. magkikita pa rin naman kami for sure, maka emote lang ako :( bakit ba nalulungkot ako ee. :)

minsan kasi ito ang poblema ko ee. pagiging attached sa isang tao eh. pakiramdam ko tuloy na, im always left alone. *_* hahaha drama lang.

"Basta, bahala na. ganyan ang kaibigan dapat hahaha  sincere honest and real 

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