Wednesday, October 30, 2013
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Holla! :) i wanna share this one. i have read these books for a couple of weeks ( it takes time to finished it. since I've been busy for other stuff ) and these books are written by Ru Dela Torre. well inspirational book of God. ( Youth Director of Wildfire, the Youth Ministry of His Life ) 

i find it interesting since that book is about God and worship of god's word. this is introduce by my friend/workmate. ( carolene~ :> ) the first book entitled "road trips" -- your guide to life's best adventure. for my own interpretation ( sana ok pag kaintindi ko haha ) this book shows how god is really important on our Road trip or must i say "adventures of life / our daily life" reflections that god is always really there in our life, whether how messy it is. there's always a touch of God and its a matter of acceptance if we want to open our heart for him :D ( dama ko na - i'm a god's children :> )

"for god loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believed in him should not perish but have everlasting life john 3:16"

and with this part " i can't help it but be amazed by how god saved me, one thing i am definitely sure about though is the fact that everything happened for a reason. because when i think about it, i would be living my best life now if not for that turning point of my life" -- and i am also believing now that all these things that might happened to me, is by GOD's Will.

and according to this book. that there's "no accident" in life, so all this things in life (our life) is how god planned it. whether you're in a heart broken state, being sick or dumped and or on your deepest state of your life or you're just a BORED. all of this is a GOD's plan -- "God is telling you. "i love you so much that i gave up my son to die for you. let me in your life today and let me help you"

"God's dreams are better than ours"
"He simply doesn't want us to settle for the good enough, he dreams for us to have what's best - he assists us by locking up the wrong doors and opening the right one"

see! how god really loved us. and he does! even thought, we don't feel exactly how he feels. :D
as much i want to put all those statements from the book. (but i can't - better to read it, and feel the same way how i feel it ) those words captured my heart and feels that i am a God's children.

one more thing! i really like "Refuel" the other part of book. and i'm planning to by my own copy. that book is really inspiring and self uplifting by the words of God.

~ napaka goodvibes lang ng books ni Ru. i know na napaka idealistic na maging mabuting tao. kaya nga na may "nobody's perfect" na term. pero alam mo yun, by the end of the day, naisip ko na pwede nating subukan maging mabuting tao, not because tama. kasi masarap maging mabuting tao :) puno ng respeto galing sa sarili at sa ibang tao.

once we learned to accept god in our heart, every single day and time we tend to remember his words and start to change ourselves unconsciously. and god always touch us in every single moment of our life, it just a matter of appreciation :)

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