Thursday, October 10, 2013
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finally! got the result for my application in PHRN post. well as i expected, i didn't pass the interview from the project. "expect the worst" well. feeling disappointed in some point. about my teammates, all their efforts and encouragement for me. and they're all happy and excited about this opportunity for me. well. it seems, that's wasn't meant for me. nah! this is just a test for me and makes me more determined about every single challenge.

nakakahiya lang kay ms. ai, jinky, zen, and ms. ana - yung effort nila yung concerned sila sa application ko. yung sila pa yung nag eencourage sa akin na ma-prepare ako para sa interview~ diba ang sweet lang :( yung sila pa yung mas naniniwalang kakayanin ko yung post. every now and then kinakamusta ako ni ms. zen para sa interview ko. yung pag tawag ni ms. ai para sa late interview ko. pag mamadali ni ms. jinky para sa application ko at yung pag mock interview ni ms.ana para mas prepared ako sa interview. #luckyhere

sort of disappointment on my part. since, this could be a break for me. chance and opportunity for new career. i asked myself why i didn't make it. =_= hehe and what do i expect about the interview questions. tskk! and i've never expected  that he's going to ask me about the my clinical experienced. and that's a shocked on my part -_- i wasn't prepared O_O and i'm collecting myself for an answers like an idiot hahaha. kasi naman -_- may pag tatanong na out of nowhere TT_TT ~ it's been 2years last i know my course. kaya gusto ko mag duty na rin sa hospital pala ma refresh ako. - not being a pessimist about the result but preparing myself for the worse thing. you know acceptance hehe let's move on thou.

"masama ang loob"? but actually not more on nahihiya lang :) my good attitude is saying that is OKAY maybe trying it again or do the other way around. pang NURSE pala talaga ako. kahit di ko nasagot ng matino yung mga clinical question ng masungit na interviewer. haha or either pang abroad talaga ako. well see soon :)

well this not for me. so better off to moved on and plan for PLAN B and be ready for the back up plans :) by the end of the day. this is just a sort of test and faith. might as well my FATE. i dont know, what will be the next things would happen for me =) well still hoping and waiting for blessing. i'm not lucky for the past days, for sure there's a great chance for me soon. and i believed it.

im still happy although i didn't make it. you know! there's a chance to know the persons who really care about me. those people who i didn't ask for help but willing to extend their hands for me. thank you guys! kahit di nyo nababasa to. but i'm really grateful and thankful for your love and care. my whole teammates and friends. sheet! teary eyes ako haha joke. but deep inside and from the bottom of my heart. thank you. appreciated much.

same chair at 17 floor - the interview was done on that chair -_- for the record di sya comfortable upuan haha

upon waiting~ nakuha ko pa mag selfie - almost 1hrs ako nag hintay for interview -_-  #halosmamatayakosakaba

thank you ace for making me easy and relax. and thank you for the support ~ di mo ako iniwan :) #feelinghappyandlucky  

dinner before the interview - di ko man lang na enjoy yung treat ni ace sa sobrang kaba T_T 
thank you guys! and carolene sa pag sama at pag hihintay sa akin :) at kay ernest na may ibang agenda O_O

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