Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Realization : Yolanda and earthquake Posted at 6:39 PM 3 comments (+)

a real ground shaking Earthquake and a mass destruction typhoon - a recently disasters that hits Philippines. this just a realization after these things. questions that linger on our mind and the pain that this happening would leave a stain on our lives.
those people who actually suffering to this kind of trials, are the people that actually strong and would more stronger after this .Would you imagine to be that place when all the things around you seems to fall into pieces  and for me, this is a nightmare turn to reality and everyone would agree on this.
the saddest part here, is when all this people are begging for help. and no one could give a hand. a heart breaking news everyday and the least i (we/you) can do is to pray and ask for God to help them. just to ease their pains and be relived after surviving between the life and death situation.
*like watching movies. parang hindi totoo yung mga ganitong pangyayari sa atin. Imagine halos mabura sa mapa ng pilipinas ang tacloban at lumubok ang cebu at bicol sa lindol. sa totoo lang nakakatakot mangyari dito sa metro manila pero di na lalayo mangyari yun. ang tanong kung gaano ba kahanda ang bawat isa sa atin? at magiging handa ba talaga tayo? -- my wild imagination, is this a start of  APOCALYPSE =_= scary things back on my mind parang zombie world. or bigla bigla na lang uulan ng apoy. shux! hindi ako prepared sa ganitong vision.
*pero sa ganitong panahon makikita talaga yung pakikisama at pag dadamayan ng bawat isa. yung pagtulong ng ibang bansa. nakakatuwang isipin yung malasakit nila diba? kahit yung china tumulong din. kahit nakakatakot sila, akala ko gegerahin na nila ang pilipinas dahil sa territory issues. good thing may simpatya pa rin sila. *kudos for china :) after all pagmamahal ng bawat isa at kapwa tao sa ganitong pangyayari ay isang malaking bagay na.
--all of this would be a warning sign for us to change. the way how we live and to look up and asking for his forgiveness. after all we will be saved by his words and faith for him.you know,everyone is entitled for changed and accountability to all of this.  from the song "man in the mirror"
If you want to make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change

let's pray and step forward for tomorrow :)
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