Tuesday, November 12, 2013
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Random thoughts~

*things that should remain untold or other wise you keep it to your self and share to the most trusted people around you. feel free for burden for sometimes.

*everything can changed and people also changed - the least you can do is to accept that everything won't be the same.

*I actually feel alone as always and how often i denied it, but the fact is - i'm really alone and empty.

*i smile and be happy, thou everything seems difficult and hard for me. i just learned how to appreciate things.

*there's no such perfect life.

*who's the lucky one, the one with good life since then or the one who always tried to be good enough

*at least , we need to value LIFE and things that we have. and avoid compunction because you've never done those things that you need to do.

*life would be unfair sometimes and you feel this way because bad things happened to you, and you actually asked yourself this one. and you just feel that this messed would stay forever.


*there's a things that you want to stop it but you end up to do it again :|  how ironic

*May mga taong nakakapikon -_- pero wala akong magawa kundi *i murder them back on my mind hihi

*those things i want and i can't do anything but just to think of it until a fall asleep.

*i want to scream.

*i miss my old friends and i don't know if they miss me the way i miss them. *winkk

*i tried to be a better person.

*i always want to learn something new.

*I'm not contented and i tried to strike good fortune.

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~Random thoughts~

People's opinions of you does not define who you are. Everyone has different opinions of you. Instead of trying to please everyone else, be happy with who you are. And if someone isn't happy with who you are, that's life. Not everyone is going to like you, accept it and move on. And be the best you, you can be.