Thursday, June 1, 2017
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Time flies so fast, it’s literally fast as one blinked on an eye.  Could you imagine that we almost half a year now. Looking back for the past few months I was wandering about the things that should probably happened by this time? I had some worries and agony for what future could bring for me during the beginning of the year and it seems that I still had those things until now. yeah but its okay, that’s life and that’s how it goes right.  Deal with people, overcome my (our) fear, tried to convinced myself not to worry that much and just be happy and contended. It means, just go with the flow and live it for the day and I’ve learned that the more I worry about life it seems harder it could be.

For the past few months I’ve watched a lot of videos, Korean/Local dramas, movies, GRWM, few quotes and tag lines and those are learnings that I can associate on my life and its very amusing that somehow I can relate it to myself. I enjoyed spending most of my time for those things and I see it spending my whole life for it. Sad? Hmmm yeah somehow I still felt my life that way it is. It’s so funny that I’m still like this way, well maybe I change an inch but I’m still the way I used to be.  Anyway…

Let’s talked about Lying. There’s anyone of out there who’s not lying by any chance? I guess none of us, we are guilty and I’m guilty and all of us will be guilty.  But are we allowed to do it all over again? Is there a valid reason for us to lie to other people and do the same to us? Well that’s life, full of uncertainly and so am I. this mean, how big or small lie is a lie, and it sure that I/we can hurt anyone or someone that we’re not supposed to hurt by any means. Maybe our intention was good and we don’t want to hurt them instead we lied but still truth can be hurtful but lies is more hurtful than being honest.

For me, honestly telling a lie is not a bad idea. Yes I know there’s no excuse about this matter but I rather to lie than being frank and straightforward. But for the sake of a good harmony (Relationship) lying is a best option, I will just keep it that way instead to make it worse and mess. For me, lying isn’t about deceiving someone or cover up what you’ve done, or keep what you’ve thought. Lying is the way that you can save yourself and the other party from the chaos. It doesn’t mean that if you lie, you become a bad person. It’s not a presentation of your entire personality. This is just a piece of yourself that you are a just human and every one of us could be have this weakness.
I don’t know, this is just my point of view..

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