Saturday, April 2, 2016
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Random day! i was thinking to find a Job online but I'm so lazy to do it :p beside I'm still waiting for my application In SGH (Singapore General Hospital) I'm applying for Nursing aide or healthcare assistant but the HR personnel asked me if I can be assigned for different Job opening, so Who am I to say no. I mean right now and the state of my life for this very moment, haha I can't be choosy and picky about work. I'm so hopeless right? well,  that's life and I need to deal with it.  

And about this Job Application, I didn't share this to anyone of my colleagues. Friends? or even to dennis :( hmmm This thing makes me selfish. Because I was thinking what if they're been hired and I'm left alone. sorry for being so selfish and not being so true friend and I'm guilty. anyway I hope things will be okay soon and if I succeed I'm going to share this to dennis. :) I'm not that bad not to share this to anyone. well life is life. in reality we need to be wise and smart and if life required to be rude and tough well, we should need to... 

anyway, this might be one of my journey and hopefully I can get throught this. And all of my dreams will be on the same page. I have a lot of things that i want to do. I wanted to try all those weird things in earth. How I wish I have powers to switch myself to different places and be wild as I can. hehe (Day dreaming dude:>) those inspiring travel Video Blogs are killing me hahaha but it's so fun to watched it. I was like there and enjoying their moment too haha yes! this is a typical day dreaming.  I never get tired to watched those VBlogs because it brings happiness to me whenever I watched them. and I'm also addicted to kpops trends and Korean drama again. I have a plenty of time to watched their music videos on Youtube and I can't be tired as hell. hahaha.

hey! days passed so fast. How cool it was right? haha or this is weird having a sudden rush of time and we suddenly noticed that we were nearly in the middle of the year hehe. How I wish that time will pause and enjoy every bit of it. like wanna go to beach, hiking or shopping and those days will never end like an infinite time line. just to able to have a never ending happiness. :) how cool it sounds right? 


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