Wednesday, June 3, 2015
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Uncle from Punggol. When I saw him, he was like the happy person I've met. He was smiling to everyone and make a thumbs up sign like seems everything are okay. Uncle was a stoked patient and his half  body  is like a lifeless thing attached to his own extremities.

I've found him cool and kind. When we're about to leave at The hospital, he was crying while talking to one of the nurses there because he thinks that no one there will want to see him, that was cute hahaha. Uncle bit disoriented sometimes and confused but most of the time he was alert and responsive. 

He had 4 childrens and I see them as a united family. And I witnessed also how they are concerned to their parents and How they loved them. His daughter "Charlene" I like her because I know how she love his father and I saw it when she's  talking, cuddling and touching him  They're like cartoons and they are very funny.  Auntie also is a funny person that's why I'm shocked when her daughter tells me that auntie was a schizophrenic and uncle had depression before. Now there was no traced of being like them before and now they are okay. I asked Charlene how she managed that situation since she was living with them alone because all of his brothers are been married and living with their own family. She was like a wonder woman taking care of her parents while she also needs to work. It was like a big challenge for her the past 2 years when the time her mom got a mental ill and her dad has a suicide attempt. And that times she also wants to break down because everything are her responsibilities now. How tough it is right?! 

I admired those people who taking care their parents when they are old enough. You know here in Singapore eventually when they get married they want to have their own house and their parents will be alone at home or they send them on a nursing homes. The family ties here is somehow not that strong.  But us Pilipinos, we can shout all over the world that we have strong family ties. And that's one of our traits that we're proud of.

Uncle and I doing his exercise routine

when we went in Malaysia, that was my first step in Malaysia :D

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