Monday, March 23, 2015
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I need to assess myself after 7 months. after a long hiatus, i can't even imagine that I've been here for almost 8 months. but same feelings  before. its feels like na parang ang tagal ko na dito like a years. yung kabisado ko na yung mga trains station and bus stops and i don't have any fear to lost ganoon na ako ka - sure :)

I want to accumulate all my happy days and memories here.  like i tried a different foods down the street and places where i've been. Because it makes me different and i feel it in a different ways. those new things that i tried now here will be part of my history and it makes me feel new also. of course, this will be a journey for me. you know! being away from your family and friends is won't be that easy. before i thought i can be that strong enough. like? "yes! hindi ako malulungkot, kasi malapit lang naman ang singapore saka kaya ko yan! "and i say this with happy conviction. But now, checking with the reality that i can say that " I CAN'T" because tendency no matter what, you'll think about them. so! as much as possible in every single days i just want to be happy :D yes! of course tough days will be always there and challenged you where until you can. ( I'm on that situation right now! but i know i can do it. like shouting my mantra to boost my mood :D)

don't think to much. Go with the flow and if you have plan do it with a single step hindi naman tayo nag mamadali :) i know life will be good for us if you have a brighter side to show. 

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