Wednesday, January 22, 2014
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i wanna share some of my experiences this first month of 2014. sort of happenings that makes me feel more better, well although feeling of dissapointment is always there but i know i can get throught with it.

now my weekeends is gonna be exciting than ever, now im been volunteer in PGH (Philippine General Hospital)  as ER nurse. that's sound legit and exciting right? :) i've been dreaming to practice my profession than sitting here in office talking all day as receptionist, well the reality tap me at my back and reminds me that i badly needed to earn money. hehe very much thankful because God is Always there to guide me and he didnt let me to feel that im wretched.

back on my PGH experienced, my first 2 days (weekends) that was so indeed fulfilling on my part. hehe i missed those things like being "TOXIC" to my loved profession is real things that i know that would complete me. (arte lang hehe) but seriously i really miss this. it's been a while actually since then, i've never experienced this kind of opportunity. and looking forward for more weekends in ER, for sure i will learn a lot.

last sunday, one of my bestfriend invite me to join her to apply and that application was forwarded to her from one of her colleagues in PGH. and I'm clue less about it, until i found it that application is about calls, sort of taking calls like BPO company, --
"on call Nurse" literally that we're talking those patients on the phone as ER nurse ( Triage ) and 
clients are coming from the US and some of the basic requirements are we need to be Good in English (must fluent) and experienced as ER nurse. first my worries - i'm not that good ni speaking english nor to understand them well . haha that's so embarrassing! when the old lady (interviewer) start to stare and asked me about my background. my entired body and my internal organ start to cramp and shakes invountarily :( i'm so nervous to talked to her than talking to my applicants here in rec center :( and now im asking my self WHY?? -_- and i know she's might thinking that im not even qualified to be part of their company. -_- And she asked me what i'm making in my current job and i answered her for particular amount. and i know what she thinking ... and she assessed me for what i'm getting for my job, she also emphasized that im just only worth for that certain amount, and makes me think and realized that i'm not worth 50k for that position. so make sense! i know she want me to improved and realized that i need to be good enough to be worthy. 50k is a big difference for what i get now. i felt awkward and uneasy, things should'nt be like this and even asked my self that do i deserved this :( i can't help it to think about it. i know! maybe she want to help me to improve my self and even tend to think about it. a wake up call for me.
anyway. that experience is just a call for me to be better more. so i don't need to feel upset :)
frist time again** preparing meds :)

whats on my Notes? :)
Me time with bestfriends :)
Traders Hotel : overlooking manila with gerlyn during Interview :)

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