Tuesday, February 25, 2014
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life journey is all about meeting a lot of people along the way. makakakilala ka at makikilala ka ng iba.  unexpected chances to meet other people and get a chance to fully understand their life and also their journey. one thing that i can sure, is that knowing their names and make first impressions by looking at them aren't enough to really understand them well.

one time, i had an encounter to a group of deaf mute candidates.fresh graduates applicant who willing to apply in a BPO company. ironic! and that's  not the first time to encounter like them. since then, and when the time that i was transferred here in recep area. that's the time i meet a lot of people and start judging them based on what i see. and start hating them ( hahaha kidding** thou sometimes i cant help it to get annoyed with them. hehe) of course except those people with disabilities :) i treat them well because I know what they're going through for the rest of their lives.

OK back to the main topic! :) may isang grupo ng mga deaf mute applicant yung nag apply. as per advice they're all very welcome to apply here. but there some certain point and instances that we need to prioritize. to make this story short.  this group unable to pass their  online exam, but apparently one of their friend pass the exam - but because of "sort of miscommunication" we just give him an false hope and wrong  impression about whole things. and i felt terribly sorry for them. i know how they struggle about life. u know, to be able to survived and deal with other people are really hard for them. how come to those people with complete senses is also experiencing difficulties what more those people with disabilities.

when i tried to talked to one of deaf mute candidate about the result and tried to make him understand that were just having miscommunication and i felt sorry about it. and Good thing he can understand where I'm coming from. this experienced is part of their learning process according to him and they're really thankful about letting them to experienced this challenge.
learning about this encounter, well appreciate everything, from the God's creation and the things that would you never imagined to happened. being amazed how everyone of us are created in different way. being unique and stand out to anyone. ability and disability of one person makes him/her  special on his/her own way. in this world, equality is not yet proved as the reality focus for those people who can delivered full services. not like to these people with special cases. stereotyping  that these people can do a limited task more on to what they can do. because some of us already assume that they can't. this world is indeed unfair. chances are not for everyone and how can we change this perception.  Maybe accepting who they are and treating them in a nicest way makes them really happy. understanding and put ourselves to their shoes make us to understand their situation.
i salute these people, who actually tried to live in this crazy world. their determination is something that we need to learned from them. inspite of everything, they're born not to give up and that's something to be proud of.
You’re not supposed to look back, you’re supposed to keep going…

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