Sunday, October 5, 2014
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People tend to judged and assummed to someone. Napaka- stereotype lang kasi. They assumed whithout asking or confirming it. Minsan nakaka - hurt pa din though hindi totoo whatever they see. Nakakapagod mag explain at ipakilala ang sarili. This issue is such a worthless shit ~_~ but I need to express how I feel. And over and over again this issue makes me feel uncomfortable.

What about gender preference? Is that really an issue to someone. But for me this is yes! Whatever who you are. Better to ask and confirm first before you jump to conclusion. This is not being sensitive or whatever, this is for considering to someone's feeling.

Alam ko napaka - superficial lang ng issue. Pwede naman na ignore na lang eh. Pero mahirap, kung alam mo na, na lahat ng tao ay ganoon ang tingin nila saiyo, so tatanggapin mo na lang ba yun? Napaka awkward naman ng feelings kung every time na kasama mo sila tingin nila sayo, yung hindi naman ikaw talaga. That's being unfair diba? But what's the right approach to change it or to introduce yourself? Hay! Minsan kasi parang maiinis ka na lang sa tao, without correcting them or just to explain yourself. But what I said nakaka - pagod din mag explain. Tapos may mga taong ayaw sayo, hindi mo naman alam ang dahilan. Nakaka - hurt at kaka - disappoint on my part. You know, I'm really try to be good and nice. Pero need tlaga ng distance, just to feel them that there's something wrong.

Hay nako! Sana goodvibes na lang ang meron sa mundo. Pero hindi tlaga ganun ang buhay. Hehe deal with it. Prove them wrong na lang :)

Sorry guys! What you think about me, that is not me :) malamya ako pero it doesn't mean na I'm gay. There's nothing wrong being a gay. In fact, masaya sila kasama at maabilidad but it's just happened na hindi nga :) 

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