Sunday, March 23, 2014
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when i was browsing my facebook. One of my fb friend post his status about his experienced in hospital when he mistakenly entered to a room and saw with his own two eyes, how doctors trying to revived his patient . so, i came out with an idea. lemme share you my experienced in PHG ER as volunteer nurse.

i know i haven't had a lot of experienced when it comes to this part.but regardless how short I've been exposed to this experience. i know this things would be an eye opener for me and to other people.
when days flies so fast, same the time that i've been staying in PGH in almost hundred hours.

at last! i can barely say that i was a nurse sometimes :D and that's a really fulfilling  on my part.And in this reality, there's some chances that you considered as blessing in this guise. i've never imagined that this chances that  possibly happened to me now. i've never thought but it happened. :)

Emergency Room, not the place that you want to go. every day there is one person fighting for his life. a battle between life and death. and how could you cope up for this scenario, if you have issue about death. and a serious note to yourself that everyone of us are destined to die. but we die in a different way. could we die in a snap! no pain, but just one click and we end up like reaching the end of the light and the other could possible die in the most painful way. other people die in illness, suffering from their pains, battle for their lives and sudden accident could lead them to the end of the road and that's death.

"yung nakasanayan ko na yung pag pasok twing weekends sa PGH ng 8am, minsan maabutan mo yung isang patient sa loob ng ER puro dugo yung mukha kasi na aksidente. may malalaking sugat na parang tinaga. tapos may na mimilipit sa sobrang sakit ng tya, at bigla na lang magsusuka

"When I go to PGH every weekends for my duty, i always had a chance to seen a patient suffering from pain. multiple vehicular accident patient who totally messed out. blood all over his face. a big wound slashed to his face. patient who suffers in  Coronary Artery Disease (stroke), unconscious patient who tried to assess by resident doctors, they trying to apply pressure on  chest bone with full forced, just to know if the patient can response. and a lot more action in actually place.

i used to be brave, because this is all i want to be and i believed that the both world can be the  best and more exciting than to my regular days. of course, at first i was scared and nervous being part of it. my days passing those death people is just like a HORROR  movie for me. i cant even touch them or see them :( 

now being here in ER. where i can actually experienced how they save lives. CODE to CPR, ET tube insertions, NGT, IV line, Blood extraction , many times they do the maneuvers, some procedures, and how some pt. came to their end. these things are just a normal routine for them, or should i say for US. 

- isang laro ng patentero ang buhay, para makadaan sa kabilang linya kailangan lagpasan ang kalaban. Ang buhay ay isang cycle din ISSUE-PROBLEMA-SOLUSYON tapos back to start again, so walang katapusan ang problema. and this how we need to deal with it. ang buhay nga naman. no choice no?! until you have the choices, so for now  make to live to the fullest
life is unfair, but we don't need to dwell on it. instead, use it to survive and be ready to any challenges to come out

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