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“Suicide Notes”

Life should be treasured like a gift. Well! This should be considered as sacred when it comes to spiritual aspect. As many of us always mind this thought, but there someone out there think that his/her life is just like a mess. This people tend to be weak, when he/she experienced depression and some emotional disturbances.  And because of this weakness, he/she makes more prone to a self-inflicted instances. This what we called “suicide”

Suicidal thoughts, also known as suicidal ideation are thoughts about how to kill oneself, which can range from a detailed plan to a fleeting consideration and does not include the final act of killing oneself. The majority of people who experience suicidal ideation do not carry it through. Some may, however, make suicide attempts. Some suicidal ideations can be deliberately planned to fail or be discovered, while others might be carefully planned to succeed.

Some study shows that this generation, the most prone of this tendency are Teenager and Middle age man. How come these people handle this situation? And how they can deal with it?  And by ending their lives, will could save them from their depression or even what they went through. By all means this act is their escape for all pains they have.

Suicidal ideation is a feeling people may have when they are no longer able to cope with an overwhelming situation, which could be financial, the death of somebody they love, breaking up, or a devastating/debilitating illness. There may be a feeling of bleakness and an erroneous assumption that taking their own life might be the answer. If the individual's mental state is heightened enough, suicide may seem to be the only exit.

 Experts believe there may be a genetic factor associated with a higher risk of suicide. Individuals with suicidal thoughts, or those who have taken their own lives tend to have a family history of suicide or suicidal thoughts.

Emergency Room is one of the place were these people end up. Doctors and nurses tried to save them. And deal to their needs. And as one of them, this experienced is just an eye opener to me and all of us.  we need to be more aware about these people. And As medical practitioner, I need to be more informed about their needs and how can I help them too.  Dealing and understanding them is the best way to know them better. This thing could be possible happened to anyone of us.

Mental illness is the most common cause of suicidal ideation and completed suicide. A significant number of mental problems, such as depression, can be successfully treated with medications and talking therapies, such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or counseling. Individuals with a mental illness/problem should see their doctor and get treatment.

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