Saturday, April 11, 2015
Old man from Lavender station Posted at 6:46 PM 0 comments (+)

He was my first patient. That time I didn't want to go there and render my service. Fussy and I don't understand him. We've been together for 3 months and I was thinking if I can serve until the end.

He doesn't speak English and I don't speak Chinese and Malay as well.  The big challenge is how we can communicate and understand each other.  There was a time that he almost tried to beat me and make a sign like "why I didn't even think and understand what he saying" and he makes me stupid in front of other people. He’s very fussy and bossy, he think that we're maid (with my colleague) the way he treated us. But after a few meetups and learned to understand him well that's the time that he changed. After he become relax and even listening to what I'm trying to say to him.  We were become friends although sometimes I've made some "pang-uuto" (bribe) 

How sad when the person you tried to took care and look after is actually ALONE. Somehow I understand him because for his entire life he was alone until next life. How hard to live with no one else and even to woke up in the morning without someone beside you.  No one would be worried and taking care when you are too old. I feel what he feels that's why before he refused our care and even proving himself that he can do it without us. There was a chance that he tried to walk around his room all night and the following morning I saw him lying on the floor and shouting for my name. I was scared if he was hurt, but thanks, God he was okay. I told him not to stand on his bed and wait for me and he said if he died no one will bother to cry and my heart tears into pieces. I told him if he died missy will cry and I insist not to do it again. That conversation is really mean for me.  I see how sad and lonely his remaining time and the saddest part a few days ago before he goes to nursing home, he refuses to eat and I noticed him staring into the somewhere and like he was thinking something.

That old man is now in a nursing home. That’s better than to be alone on his flat. Lolo needs someone who will look after him. I hope he will experience a good quality of life before he died. If I have a chance I will taking care of him. I always have a soft spot for an old person. I remembered how my grandma and grandpa took care of me when I was a little.

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