Tuesday, March 24, 2015
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Nursing Aide? What would be the first word that you might think when you hear it?

for me as one of them. maybe "care" that be the first word that i could possibly remember. care from someone you don't know and care that you (that they) put to someone you also don't know. ironic right?

Maybe this is just like a profession that you don't care about. but for me, this is not just like a simple job. maybe not the same as a nurse's duties or even the gravity of their responsibilities. But i will assure you, that they put the same effort and quality of care that they can provide. but technically being a nurse is much higher than that but we can't say that this just "nothing"

sometimes when i'm alone or walking on my way home. i asked myself if this is "worth it" ? like everyone of us comes to the point that you going to ask yourself if you are really happy on your current situation. something that bothering me that i actually don't know where it come from.  but when the time a realized that maybe i touched their lives in my own way and i felt blessed and lucky. because I've learned something new also. being compassionate and in love on what you're doing is something that no one can't pull out on you. maybe this is not forever but your love for them will be forever and i hope that all my patient will still remember me and my care for them. 

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