Saturday, April 4, 2015
Johor Bahru Malaysia Posted at 1:54 AM 1 comments (+)

I've been in Malaysia yesterday together with my patient's family because I'm on duty that day but that's a Good Friday supposed to be holiday.  Actually they asked me last Thursday if I'm allowed to go in Johor Baru and I said yes but I need to inform my team leader first. And after a while the daughter called my supervisor just to inform her. Then she asks me to bring my passport and IC. Actually I'm not excited because my friend told me don't go on a holiday because a lot of people from Singapore will go there. Long queue in immigration port. Besides I need to look uncle so, how can I enjoy the short trip :( 

well the day itself? I thought the plan was cancelled because until 1:30pm before i took my break outside, his brother still sleeping with his girlfriend on the couch.  So I assumed that was cancelled. And I'm happy because i can go home early but suddenly around 4PM they asked me to prepare their Dad because we will go after it hay!  :(

As I expected we were in line for almost 2 hours and they ask me if I'm in a hurry to go back by 7PM as if that I'm going to say yes please! i want to rest :( anyway instead being bitter. I tried to be busy and enjoying the view although Malaysia has similarities to Philippines like the structure, streets, people and polluted air and suddenly I miss our house back in manila. I miss the smell of a crowded metro.

When we get there. They go on shopping and grocery. Malaysia has a cheapest price than  Singapore that's why some of the local here might go there when holiday or free day. Also their Gasoline is cheaper than here. Like your 90 ringgit there is equivalent of 90$ here if you spend for Gasoline. Big difference huh!? Anyway I didn't even buy anything because you know I have my patient beside me -_- awkward like if I go to shopping too hahaha because they brought there to look after their dad not to enjoy the place although they asked me if i want to buy something. Hahaha my ringgit are still here i haven't even change it for Singapore Dollars. Wanna go back one of these days.

We ate dinner at aeon of the nearest mall along the boundary. And i got my creamy squash chicken and I find it weird like you're eating an boiled squash but since i feel empty because of the long drive no matter what it tastes I finished all by my heart hahaha. Everything will taste delicious when you're hungry. And I proved it - anyway according to charlene they spend around 60 ringgit and its around 20-30S$ that's cheap huh!? After dinner that was around 8 pm they will go shopping and the long drive begins. I got home almost 1AM and that was a tiring day indeed!

But at least my passport got a new stamp hahaha and been to a new place.  Next time I have plan to go other country. She's right enjoy if you're still young. really like to travel because memories are something you can't can buy.

I'm dreaming for Pizza way home late. see the sign?! looks like pepperoni pizza.  

Some trees along the streets

 Tea Garden at Aeon Mall JB Malaysia

sea that separates Singapore and Malaysia. I've been in the bridge connecting the two side

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