Tuesday, April 14, 2015
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I spent 12 days for this service, 12 hours per day. You know how boring it was. Like most of my time I was sleeping but of course after my duties for uncle.

Uncle is a Muslim and the rest of his family. And my perception about Muslim is bad. They face of terrorism and war. And I know I don't have any rights to judge anyone of them or any religious sect and also these people as well. But because of the news and all of the violence involving these particular religious groups it makes me believe that they were bad and disease in our society. But you know what, when I was there in their home, I've never felt any discrimination or any bad treatment from them. They're nice and friendly like a typical family. They talked so nice, asked me for my needs and make me at home.  

They cooked curry puffs and that was so nice, I like the most is the potato curry puff and sardines are so spicy for me, but it also taste good. And his son lend me a book written by Jodi Picoult "the pact" and I enjoyed it, the story was sad and the most melancholic story that I've read so far.  And auntie always brings chicken rice for me when they went outside. I like the most is when I talked to his daughter, his daughter was a bit mentally challenge but it was a long time ago. We talked a lot when we have spare time and of course, uncle, he's very nice to me like when he sees me feeling sleepy, he told me to go sleep and don't worry about him :) 

Now I've learned to don't judge people unless I know them but although we know them, people do things bad because they need to or they don't have choices instead let's understand each other. Every one of us are different and that difference makes us unique but that uniqueness isn't excuse to judge anyone. 

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