Thursday, May 28, 2015
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After my whole month duty at Punggol field walk, my coming days are also busy because I'm expecting abby to come over here in Singapore. She's working in Dubai and plan to have a vacation in Philippines for the whole May. Her connecting flight is here in Singapore, and she decided to spend 4days for catching up on me. I was jubilant and excited since my last few days of my duty. Supposed to be it ends two weeks ago on my previous day (April29), and lucky my service extension ends before abby's arrival.

I was tired and exhausted because of my continues duty but after my last day of work, the following day, I need to fetched  abby in Changi airport to tour her around Singapore (as if i did it before).  I was in a hurry because I slept late (as always) and I don't want to wake up early, I felt that I was deprived of sleep for the long time since every day I woke up early for work. Anyway, I went to Changi Airport via MRT (toa payoh-cityhall-semei-changi airport) right thing that I didn't need to take taxi (saving purposes), so I can save :)

So when I reached changi, I don't have any idea where terminal she was. Dennis called me few minutes before I reach the airport; he said that the arrival area for Singapore airline was in terminal 2. But when I asked the information in terminal 2, they said that was in terminal 3, and when I go to terminal 3 the information there said that was in terminal 1? So in the end,  I go to all terminals, and that was annoying because I was worried that abby is waiting for me. Finally from terminal 1, I need to go back to terminal 3 arrival area. When I was there looking for her, no one is waiting for me and I'm worried maybe she go around to find me but I tried to send msg on her fb, then she replied that she was still inside because immigration didn't let her to pass through because they need address where she need to stay at Singapore.

After we settle all, finally we met again, and I was euphoric to see her. She's one of my best friend since college days, and I knew her for a long time. That day I'm a bit shy because my face was wasted, I had a lot of swollen pimples but still I need to fetched her, and I don't have any choices hahaha. She's still the same we used to be.  Loud, annoying, talkative and funny!:) 

Supposed to be, she will stay to in CCK (choa chu kang) I asked one of my friend (kuya melvin) to helped me about the place where she can stay and luckily he found one in CCK (provided by his colleagues) per night is 10S$,  it was cheap because mostly of the transient home rate is around 15-25S$ that was the cheapest rate. The day itself, I tried to make a bargain for my place because there's have vacant beds in our room and in the other room so, less time to travel, and we had time for bonding. My landlady ( she doesn't own the place. Because she rent it, and she let other to rent it under her name so, she had additional income. Ingenious! Right!? But that's illegal HDB don't allow it but they still did) so afterward she let us my friend to stay but need to pay for 100S$ (expensive for 3days-but no choice) 

I missed her; we talked a lot, and I'm worried if she and Dennis don't get along. Since Dennis get easily annoyed and abby is too loud but things get smooth, and they like each other :) 

Here're some of our photos around Singapore. We have a bunch of pictures because I want it to be memorable for her. But you know, I need to edit some of my photos since my face was wasted. Hahaha

We also went to Malaysia. The plan is just to visit Legoland and in the end, we decided to go also in Kaula Lumpur. Our expectations were epic like we don't have any idea where to go. We took a bus from JB going Legoland and after Legoland bus going to Larkin and from there bus going to KL. We took like 6hours drive to KL, and the was very tiring hahaha bus is nice since we have enough space to move. But if you're sensitive to smell, taking the bus wasn't your thing.  After reaching the bus terminal, we also need to take MRT to KCCL. A Nice thing about taking local transportation is to explore their basic lives. How's their lives on a daily basis and for us to assess what's the difference between their lives and our lives. Also to compare Singapore to Malaysia and Philippines. Well, Malaysia was not that far from Philippines when it comes to structures, people, and the ambiance.  Not like here in Singapore, Singapore is very organized.

Had I Chance to see this twin towers (Petronas tower)

so nice since Kuya melvin let me use his DSLR. because I want it to be memorable for abby :) pictures are uploaded on my fb.

If I had a chance, I want to explore more country around Asia. Try their foods and know their primary day. How I wish to be an explorer and enjoy life. Someday!

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