Tuesday, January 12, 2016
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Hello there! and hello 2016 - so much expectation this year, a lot of wishes, goals, and dreams. Ang dami kong ineexpect this year. Makapag travel, makahanap ng ibang work, more hook-ups hahaha joke. but seriously yung relationship na pwde kong itressure. well 2016 na what's new hahaha. but I feel it, soon hahahaha, the question is how soon? hahaha okay let's stop this.

lately sobra akong interested sa mga tutorial sa youtube, may napanuod akong vlog about traveling and I'm dying bacause I'm supposed to be there hahaha joke. seriously gusto ko gawin yung mag travel from now on. yung pakiramdam na free ka and you have free mind to explore everything. free soul and free life kahit saglit lang makawala ka sa problema mo. how i wish to live in a worry less world. free of anything that can stress me. but that world doesn't exist at all :)  bacause life is useless without problems. that's my mantra

this year I will try to be a good person as I can. no more hate, hatred, envy, and I want to be happy. pero parang ang hirap panindigan hahahaha. I just noticed when I get older that I become more sensitive and concern about my life. is this a mid-life crisis? haha is that too early for me? :) hahaha. like what I want to be this year, sometimes it's so hard to be that person, thou that changes are for your own maturity and well-being as a Individual. okay this is me talking about changes haha? Anyway, minsan di ako makaramdam ng contentment and I'm guilty because I can't see how blessed I am. that's the things that I need to working on. also need to stop comparing myself to other people. stop procrastinate everything, do it as soon as possible and be punctual. at this Aged, I had a lot of things inside me that I need to pay attention, bad habits, bad attitude and everything about me that need changes. should I stop wishing things that everything that I see to other people are supposed to be me? wishing that I have what they have, who they are and everything they have experience are maybe me and should be me because I deserved it too? I'm too greedy not to feel happy for other persons :( and I'm not happy because  this is me living on that attitude and I want to change it. yes because it's 2016 and everyone has been changing already. I'm not saying that I need to change because they're changing. I want to change for my own benefits and be a better person. when I'm able to be happy and accept what I have, I think that's the time that I can be contented and don't feel anything toward other people.

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