Tuesday, October 27, 2015
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It's been a while since my last post. well, I'm quite busy for so many things. I'm been blessed because one of my bucket lists  has been unlocked. last August, I had a 6days trip at HongKong. that was a great adventure and experience for me (I can't elaborate every step on that trip but one thing I'm very happy). I didn't imagine that once in my life that HongKong experience will be real. yes! I'm happy because that's my hard earned money, after working here ing Singapore. somehow I've felt guilty because of course that there are a lot of things that I should prioritize.  but on the other hand, I also want to experience other things far from my conform zone, enjoying life, make myself happy, feel the satisfaction being on another country, meet other people, collect some unforgettable photos, be free, unwinding, time for me to thinking, appreciate what I had,  and so many things that I realized when I'm on that trip. 

Realized that I can be happy if I try other things. let myself to be alone and felt everything. one thing that I loved about that trip, traveling was the best escape for a so-called problem, you let yourself think and breathed for everything. And clear for me that I will do it again, cross fingers I will do it again. (so need to save more now hehe)

for the past few months and weeks, there's some point that I was broken. yes, I was broken again, I didn't know where in this earth why am I experiencing this all over again. recently this someone was my sweetest downfall, I was happy when were together. like everything seems unreal and asking myself that this is really happening. "Nakakastress" and I don't want for further elaboration for this because right now I'm still processing myself for moving on. I hope that someone will be happy and find the real happiness and desires. (NP: Like I'm Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor - and now my heart was bleeding

really!? my life was actually a roller coaster. Alam mo yon,  every week I've been experiencing different emotions. I'm Actually a time bomb any moment I can explode in one split. "Pakshit ang hirap ng ganito,  torture eh" as much as possible I tried to be happy really!? somehow its been difficult to find it. but like what other say, life must go on no matter what. taking it slow and try to handle it with care. this really makes me crazy hahaha.

Happy lang sabi ng iba. sige susubukan ko :D dapat lang naman talaga diba? minsan nasa loob ng puso natin yung mga bagay  na mag papasaya sa atin. nakakalimutan lang natin ilabas at tignan. hinahanap pa natin yung wala. kaya in the end mag seself pity na lang katulad ko haha. sana minsan makita ko din yung worthy ko bilang tao, lalaki, anak, kaibigan, tauhan, at bilang isang indibidwal. well soon enough naniniwala ako dyan :)

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