Thursday, October 20, 2016
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When we think that we're worth of love? Being In relationship, both of them should be committed to each other. (I was talking like I knew it well haha) I have a patient who lived at Jurong west. He's been diagnosed of kidney failure due to of diabetes. This  old man who's been married 3 times.. And sadly he failed his past 2 marriage and but I think he's happy for his current commitment on his latest Wife now.

He is too old and ill to be failed again. I ask him what happened to his past relationship and why he end up like this. He told me his first Wife left because that time he's been starting to be sick and during that days he's not financially stable and he got children to support.  And his second Wife was not emotionally stable to understand his situation and find another man to fulfill whatever she needs.

What my take for this. Based on what my patient's story. No matter what, love and relationship should be bonded with commitment and mostly understanding. Possibly love would faded in a Long run. There's a lot of factors why they end up to this kind of stage. But marriage should last forever from sickness and death.. I'm not judging the other side and I don't even know their story as well. But what we know about marriage is about togetherness throughout the hardship and they're meant to stay together no matter what. although  i don't know the real reason behind it.

What I've noticed about Uncle. He's very caring toward his Wife. Those Simple things make me think why he's past wives left him. He is ill now, but the point is, he still able to make an effort to prepare food for his Wife. This is something commendable right?  He's not like other patient who's fussy and short tempered because they're sick and fed up about their situation but this Uncle, he's  very sweet and caring about auntie in spite of his condition.

Love comes with responsibility. This just like power possessed by anyone of us. My deeper understanding about it might not the same as yours or to other people. But for me, It's a sharing of commitment and passion each day. I'm not here to judge those people who failed their marriage or people who's  easily gave up their promises because  they fell out of love. I guess the valid reason is when you're not happy anymore it would not be worth it to stay in that relationship and be victim of a one sided love, this will be against what I believe in but in every single thing there's an exception. Love is also about freedom and not holding to something that make you both Miserable. Letting go and moving on are the key of true love. Do you think it does make sense when I say, before you get into marriage both sides should be ready to take the responsibility and be together through out the difficulties. Fight and save your relationship until you can but when things turn hard for both of sides I Guess that's the time to let go. 

Disclaimer:  this is my own perspective. Not a love guru  :)

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