Sunday, April 17, 2016
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Last time I got this client in Tampines and somehow this family give me a hard time and fear.

😖 here's the story..

I can believe that they complained about me for some unreasonable matter.  

1.  Using my phone : I don't think that was wrong because first,  that moment I have to ask my colleague  about the contact  number of other NA who's been doing the service last time.  I just want to ask her about the routine. Okay I admit it,  using phones at work will be an issue to any institution but then they can just ask me first why I did it or let me explain my side. After my supervisor informed me abt the complain, i tried to confront the Daughter abt their  issue and for God sake, this old woman denied it. So funny that she can't even tell straight on my face 😏😒

2.  Using new tissue paper to get the used one : this complaint was totally a bullshit, technically I should used gloves because that tissue was contaminated from my patient body's  fluids and I don't know why the other NA didn't do the same thing or why she tolerated that routine. I asked the daughter to give me plastic bag so,  uncle can just drop the used tissue in it but the funny thing the Daughter answer me back that there was no place to hang it?! Seriously? I can put it right anywhere near from her father because he keep dropping whatever fluids from his nose and she expect me to touch it and pretend that's nothing to me. 

3. Uncle was not satisfied after I took him on shower : me was like "wtf! Are they seriously?" 😒 I've been here in Singapore for 2years and they just accused me for not doing my job well,  i wanna confront them and ask them one by one, actually im just there to teach uncle not to be dependent.

4.  Reading book :  I guess they expect me to stare at the wall and wait till the  time i need to go home. Seriously! What's wrong about reading my book and that time Uncle was standing at the window for 10mins and im just seated few steps behind him and I checked him every now and then after that he seated on the couch while watching TV.  Im trying to say, its all dead time, there's nothing to do. so, what's wrong about it.

5. Be aware of me/Dangerous guy:
Yes! They judged me for real and I don't know what's their reason behind that judgment. Really!?do I looked like Gangster? Even I am, is that a valid reason to judge someone by how he looks like. Besides they just know me for a day. My conclusion is one of the Daughter (old maiden) maybe scared to be rape by me. Hahaha omg I'm also picky tho and over my sexy  body she's not even worth it to be rape by anyone haha (sorry im mean)

Moral lesson: Humans are rude. A highest form of animal tend to be a superior at its finest. Come on! We are all human and I'm talking as a part of this species. So, why we can't be understanding. I admitted that me as well, sometimes I tend to be rude to anyone but as much as possible I tried my best not to be and incase I am , by the end of the day I have this regret that I show up my weakness by being rude and inhuman.  Funny thing that I felt bad for being judged by strangers but  the other way around I'm also like them. Consciously or unconsciously for sure I bullied someone without knowing it.  

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